Asset protection for entrepreneurs and property investors!

We are living in historic economic and political times! Money printing has had asset prices shoot to the moon.
But it also destroyed the financial system!  The economic damage in terms of inflation, rising poverty, rising taxes and likely expropriations will be high!
Never have the stakes been higher…
Will you be able to preserve your company and wealth in turbulent times?

Entrepreneur: Crisis protection for your company & assets!

Why is the protection of your assets and company important?:

  • The ECB’s money printing caused inflation
  • Corona – restrictions and war in Ukraine have increased it
  • The banking and financial system is badly damaged
  • Rising energy prices lead to deindustrialisation
  • Supply bottlenecks threaten many companies
  • The EU Commission is preparing an asset register – WHY?
  • The limits for anonymous gold sales have been reduced – WHY?
  • Many countries are currently getting heavily into debt – WHO WILL PAY FOR IT?

How can you protect your company and assets?

  • Residency: review options
  • Legal protection of your assets
  • Legal tax optimisation
  • Intelligent financial management of your investments
  • Crisis protection for your company
  • Discussion of opportunities in the crisis

Real Estate Investors: How to protect your wealth!


Why is asset protection important?:

  • Real estate has often been extremely profitable in recent decades
  • Possible developments such as stagflation, depression and collapse threaten your real estate
  • High inflation also creates tax increases and expropriations
  • Rising interest rates reduce the value of your real estate
  • People’s impoverishment worsens resale value and rental value


How can you protect yourself?

  • Review residency options for a better quality of life and less taxes
  • Intelligent financial concepts to reduce threats
  • Analysis and implementation of tax optimization
  • Legal optimization to protect your real estate assets
  • Discussion of your opportunities in the crisis

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