My services

Together we can make your company more successful.
My interim CFO/CRO assignments usually cover the following scenarios:

  • The optimization of the finance departments of an SME
  • Optimizing the EBITDA performance of an SME (all departments — CEO)
  • The leadership of your company in growth or reorganization situations

My clients are often private equity funds, their portfolio companies, or SMEs.
I work worldwide as an interim CFO/CRO and maintain a broad network.
The remuneration is market rate.

Services as interim CFO

Growth companies:

  • Financial management for revenue growth
  • Implementation of the “investment case” business plan
  • Efficiency improvement for the finance department
  • Support for marketing & sales for growth

Why does it make sense to work with me as an interim CFO?

  • Experience from over twenty top international management positions
  • This broad and deep background of experience allows me to transfer “best practice” EBITDA management from other industries to your company
  • Together we can realize the full EBITDA potential of your company

Services as an interim CRO

Turnaround or stabilization management::

  • Cash flow optimization and liquidity protection
  • EBITDA improvements (cost recovery and top-line improvements)
  • Balance sheet restructuring with creditor negotiations
  • Strategic realignment of your company
  • State-of-the-art financial management

Why does it make sense to work with me as an interim CRO?

  • For more than five years I worked for a corporate recovery fund as operating partner
  • During this time, I have managed some fifty restructurings for SMEs
  • With this experience, I can also help your business


Invest in your business. Together we can establish the EBITDA BEST PRACTICES in your company.


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