Interim CFO/CRO Alexander Plaschko

You have the knowledge of your industry and your employees; I have the experience of twenty missions as Interim CFO/CRO. Together we can realize the EBITDA potential of your company.


As an Interim CFO Manager, I have many years of leadership experience, serving in over twenty Interim CFO-CRO positions from various industries. When off-duty, I have pursued comprehensive education and training.
With my breadth and depth of management experience, I can work with you to implement the most successful EBITDA management techniques in your business.


Your experience in the company


My best practice approach


We realize the EBITDA potential

What clients are saying:

Mr. Seibel, Vice President of PE portfolio company Anvis Group:

“We thank Mr. Plaschko for his remarkable achievement as international Group CFO”

Mr. Kochanneck, Head of Department at Daimler:

“Because we trust Mr. Plaschko, we entrusted him with the management of the finance department.”

Mr. Wilmar Diepgrond, CEO of German PE portfolio company Infinitas:

“Mr. Plaschko’s work with us as an interim executive had a lasting positive effect on us. We recommend him to a company that is experiencing change!”

Mr. Mark Lang, CEO and President of LEP Zug AG Group:

“Mr. Plaschko worked for the PE Portfolio Company Sigg AG as Interim CFO. His leadership style can be described as holistic and long-term thinking—his business philosophy goes far beyond the daily business. It can probably be summarized with the saying: ‘In a healthy body lives a healthy mind.’”

Dr. M. Sommer, Vice President of SGL Carbon:

“In the difficult environment (our subsidiary in Russia) Mr. Plaschko has managed to implement the best solution for the parent company.”

What exactly can I do for you?